Youth Services

Youth Services

The Whole Person provides services that meet the transitional, educational, and social needs of youth with disabilities. The goal is to help youth with disabilities learn the independent living skills needed to make a successful transition into adulthood.

Our current program features the following:


Living Well with a Disability (LWWD)
An 12-week health promotion and wellness workshop, designed specifically for people with disabilities, can help you discover:

  • How your lifestyle affects your disability
  • How your meaningful life goals can help you develop healthy living habits
  • How healthy living habits can create new possibilities


High School Youth Transition to Independence Program
An 8-week high school course that provides students with skills and resources necessary to have for transitioning from high school into adulthood.


The Whole Family Project
Individualized instruction in sign language that seeks to increase the ability of families to communicate with their children who are deaf or nonverbal while increasing their knowledge and understanding of deafness, the deaf community and other available options for their children.


Peer Support Groups

Peer groups provide a forum for problem solving, brainstorming, sharing of concerns, successes, and ways to address issues individually and collectively.

  • Brain Injury Peer Support Group
  • Consumer Advocacy Group    
  • Deaf Peer Social and Support Group
  • Life With Spinal Cord Injuries or Related Disabilities (SCI/D)
  • Mental Health Peer Mentoring Group
  • Blindness Low Vision Experience