• Main Number (816) 561-0304
    Main Number (816) 561-0304
  • In-Home Care, KCMO (816) 777-0078
    In-Home Care, KCMO (816) 777-0078
  • Home Health Care, St. Joseph (816) 364-0900
    Home Health Care, St. Joseph (816) 364-0900


Wish List

Planting Independence Wish List

The success of our Planting Independence yard clean-up program has created new needs for us. We are getting more and more volunteers that don’t have their own tools. We are trying to grow our resources to make sure future events have everything we need. We welcome donations to support this bi-yearly program as well as these in-kind donations:

  1. Pruners
  2. Shears
  3. Rakes
  4. Yard waste bags
  5. Gloves and miscellaneous yard tools

Tota Voces Wish List

Tota Voces, or “Whole Voices” is an inclusive choir from The Whole Person created specifically for individuals with disabilities to have a place to express themselves musically.  We welcome donations to support the choir and the following in-kind items:

  1. Music stands
  2. Digital keyboard piano
  3. 1" black binders

Other Wish List

The Whole Person has numerous events and consumer programs throughout the year.  We appreciate any of the following:

  1. Gift cards
  2. Items we can raffle off at fundraising events
  3. Gift items for consumers during the holidays


If you'd like to donate any of these items, or you would like to make a cash donation to purchase any of these items, please contact our Development Department at 816-627-2220 or by email to tgoddard@thewholeperson.org.  Thank you so much!!