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    Main Number (816) 561-0304
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    In-Home Care, KCMO (816) 777-0078
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Forms Overview

Marketing and Communications Project Forms

Project request forms gather important details about your request in an easy-to-use format so that MARCOM can receive the information we need to deliver a strong TWP branded product.  A formal project request form process creates a clear picture what your request is about, and allows MARCOM a way to plan our work processes to delivered your results in an efficient manner.

Once you get the hang of it, you will find this is a simple process that is easy to follow.

What to expect and how it works AFTER you submit the form:

  1. After you have completed and submitted your form, you will automatically get a confirmation message "on-screen" with a tracking number for your project request.  You will also "automatically" get an email that contains the same information so that you know your work request has been sent.
  2. Once we receive your request, it will be entered into our "work queue" in the order received and assigned to Kim or Vivian.  If we have any questions, or require additional information to START your project, we will reach out to you.
  3. All projects will be scheduled for a 5-day production turnaround from the time the project is submitted. Projects submitted before 1:00 pm will count that day as the first day.
  4. If you require LESS than a 5-day production, please note deadline date, and indicate in the the "Additional Information" box (just above the submit button) when you need the project completed.  Please note that 'ASAP' is not an acceptable delivery date.
  5. Your project proof will be delivered to you via email, or as a printed item. We ask that you confirm that the delivered project is approved or communicate to us that it requires revisions.  If the project is approved, please tell us this via email, or write your name, date approved on the printed proof. If your project requires revisions, send those to us in detail via email, or write them on the printed proof with your name and date.  Please give approval or revisions to the MARCOM staff member who sent you the proof.

If you have any questions about submitting your project request, contact Kim or Vivian.