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Across the Kansas City metropolitan area, there are 262,635 people of all ages with a disability.*

People with disabilities are members of the community just like anyone else. They shop, volunteer, vote, attend religious services, and send their children to local schools. Welcoming people with disabilities means being more welcoming to everyone. Treating all the people who come to your businesses or community organizations with courtesy and individual respect is the cornerstone of hospitality.

CLICK IMAGE to download a PDF file on People-First Language

Here are some ways businesses and community organizations can support disability awareness and inclusion:

  • Practice people-first language
  • Train staff and/or group members on disability etiquette
  • Make facilities, websites, and media universally accessible
  • Employ qualified people with disabilities and/or include them in groups
  • Ask people with disabilities for input on products, services, and events
  • Become disability allies

How The Whole Person can help:

  • Facilitating disability awareness and etiquette presentations
  • Supporting and training businesses that employ people with disabilities
  • Providing information and referral services

Presentations Available:

  • TWP Services
  • People-First language training
  • Disability etiquette and awareness training
  • Information and referral
  • Employing people with disabilities
  • Request TWP to be a vendor at your community event or health fair

Contact us to speak with your group or organization

To arrange a presentation or learn more about The Whole Person, contact Kim Krueger; 816-627-2211, kkrueger@thewholeperson.org.

  • We need a minimum of 30-days notice for speaking requests.
  • Presentations limited to the Kansas City Metro Area only.
  • Donations/honorariums are appreciated for any offsite speaking engagement, but not assumed.

*Source:  2010-2014 American Community Survey (ACS) U.S. Census Bureau

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A new study published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2018 found that one in four U.S. adults, representing an estimated 61.4 million individuals, reported a disability, with mobility the most prevalent disability type at 13.7%. Cognition (10,8%), independent living (6.8%) hearing (5.9%) vision (4.6%), and self-care (3.7%) followed mobility in prevalence. (Resource link)