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Be the one to create positive change
for people with disabilities in Kansas City.

Join our "Be the One" Giving Challenge!

We are re-imagining the idea of what a nonprofit can be.


Each day, The Whole Person continues our mission to connect people with disabilities to the resources they need by supporting independent choice and advocating for positive change in the community.

In our fiscal year 2020/2021, The Whole Person supported 2,274 consumers, and provided independent living services for 5,875 individuals in needed programs such as peer counseling; housing/home modifications and shelter services; assistive technology; advocacy/legal services; personal care assistance; life skills training; vocational services; transportation; social security disability assistance; and more.

Despite a pandemic, we participated in 112 outreach activities and events, and were asked by the media on several occasions to share our input and perspective on a wide range of topics.  Zoom provided us the opportunity to share presentations remotely on disability etiquette, people-first language and navigating accessiblity in a virtual world. This past year, 300 volunteers donated 2,000+ hours of service for various events and activities.

More and more, we are also connecting our community to information, resources and opportunities they need to be more diverse – more inclusive.  We are re-imagining the idea of what a nonprofit can be – and reinventing our role in making our Kansas City communities more inclusive and accessible for all.

We are aware that our neighbors, community partners, donors, volunteers, and supporters are looking for greater meaning in the ways they spend their time, and their resources.

Be the One

As we move into 2022, The Whole Person is asking if you will “Be the One” to help us continue to create positive change for people with disabilities, in the following ways:

The guiding principle of The Whole Person reflects the independent living philosophy that the freedom to make choices, and the ability to live independently in the community, is a basic civil right that should be extended to all people regardless of disability.

For 43+ years, TWP has offered community-based, consumer-driven programming for people with all types of developmental/cognitive, mental health, and physical disabilities in the Greater Kansas City metropolitan area, all aimed at promoting, supporting, and empowering independent living choices and preventing institutionalization.  Thank you for your continuing support and contribution to our mission.

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Give, volunteer, advocate, mentor & educate for TWP!  Donate securely using form below.

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Be the One!

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Thank you for being the ONE to help us create positive change for people with disabilities in Kansas City.

Great things happen when we ALL give of our time, talents, and treasures! Supporters like you make it possible for our consumers to imagine a better future. 

“The people I’ve met at TWP have been so genuinely good, I’ve felt so welcomed and understood, and I’ve finally been able to advocate the way I’ve wanted to for all my life.” 
—Sam Anderson, Intern in Public Policy and powerchair user

“A person’s quality of life dramatically improves when they are living in a place of their own choosing. The MFP/Transition team is glad to be a part of that choice.”
—Doshon Hunley, Core Services Manager

“I don’t know whether my passion for walking or having been born blind has been more influential on turning me into an advocate for promoting walkable communities and the many other aspects of healthy living that comprise the walking lifestyle.”
—Sheila Styron, Independent Living Advocate at TWP