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Brightly colored feather design on wall for background art

2020 Expressions Artists

Kim Johnson

Kim Johnson

Kim Johnson
Kansas City, MO

I’m free-spirited and open minded. I try to reflect that same feeling in my paintings. I pull from my Native American and African ancestors and love the use of vivid colors found in art from both cultures. My paintings have a story, however, art leaves room for the viewer’s interpretation and personal interpretation is my greatest joy of being an artist. I extend my heartfelt appreciation for your time, please enjoy the art. Namaste.

Having an auto-immune disease affects me on a daily basis and I often struggle silently because people don’t believe what they can’t see. Painting is my pastime and joy. As difficult as it can be for me it helps take my mind off of the chronic pain which is my life. It’s my hope through Expressions I will have the opportunities to create more art, encourage auto-immune disease awareness and be an example for other artist with disabilities.