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Penny Wars

A penny here, a dime there.

Nickels and quarters work too! It might not seem like much to you, but when hundreds or thousands give, it adds up and those coins can help people with disabilities right here in Kansas City.

Penny the Pig loves change!

Penny Wars/Change for Change

Changing a life has never been easier...and it starts with you!  Your creativity and passions are what make you, YOU. Use them to take an active role in raising money for people with disabilities in our community.  Start a Penny Wars/Change for Change Campaign in your school, your church, your neighborhood, or your Girl Scout/Boy Scout Troop.

The mission of The Whole Person is to connect people with disabilities they need by supporting independent choice and advocating for positive change in the community.

To increase awareness about The Whole Person and issues about disability and accessibility, The Whole Person created Penny Wars/Change for Change as an initiative where students will have the opportunity to collect coins to help people with disabilities in our community and to open up a dialogue about inclusion and acceptance within the places where we learn, gather, worship etc.  Funds raised will support programs like, community outreach, employment training, home modification and adaptive sports programs.

By participating in Penny Wars/Change for Change, students learn that they can make a difference in the lives of others. 
You can make a difference in 6 easy steps:
  1. Get approval from your teacher, principal, PTO, group leader etc.
  2. Set a date for your campaign.
  3. Choose the best method to collect coins for your classroom or school.
  4. Schedule Penny the Pig or a Penny Wars/Change for Change Action Team member to come to your school to speak to your class, in an assembly or in a small group to kick off your event and to answer questions, take photos etc.
  5. Collect coins! Get teachers, staff and parents involved too!
  6. Mail your donations or make an appointment to come to The Whole Person for a photo opportunity and a check presentation.

Share your results with The Whole Person, on social media (using the hashtag #PennyLovesChange, in your local papers, etc. and get started today! 

Get started!

Would you like to get started with your Penny Wars/Change for Change Campaign? Contact Terri Goddard at 816-627-2220 or by email at tgoddard@thewholeperson.org.

Penny Wars/Change for Change toolkit coming soon!

Would you like to make a direct donation to The Whole Person instead?

If so, click here to go to our Donation Page.