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We think that #GivingCan transform the lives of
people with disabilities.  
Do you?

Here's what #GivingCan do . . .

There are a lot of conversations going on this time of year about what giving can do.

We know that #GivingCan help connect people with disabilities to resources which empower them to be independent and involved in their communities.

Advocates of Honor Giving Club

When you join The Whole Person’s Advocates of Honor, you join a passionate group of people which donate monthly, immediately enabling us to provide support for vital programs which empower people with disabilities to live, work, and enjoy their lives with independence, opportunity, and dignity.

As a member of our Advocates of Honor Giving Club, you will get recognition on our website, in our newsletter, in our annual report and in the program for our annual Gala....and we will send you this AOH enamel pin as a gift.

Click here to join our Advocates of Honor Giving Club!

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Show us what #GivingCan do!

Support at any level is greatly appreciated!

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“The wheelchair ramp that was built by the Whole Person has changed my mother’s life for the better. She is now able to attend family events, vacations and go to her grandson's soccer games. She is a happier person because she is now more independent. She goes outside more just to enjoy to sun, something she never did before.” - S. Johnson

“Being able to play power soccer helped me feel like a normal kid. My brother and friends play sports that they love, and now I get to know what that feels like. I love playing soccer, and I'm looking forward to trying other sports with the program.” - Jacob Banman 

"The Whole Person organization has become so near and dear to our hearts since finding out Fletcher is deaf. The work they do and the resources they provide for people with disabilities is beyond amazing. The Whole Family Project has introduced us to the Deaf community and so many incredible people as well as providing Fletcher with language from day number one. Our hearts are full of joy and we look forward to giving back for all we have been given." - the Denneys