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We think that #GivingCan transform the lives of
people with disabilities.  
Do you?

Here's what #GivingCan do . . .


There are a lot of conversations going on this time of year about what giving can do.

We know that #GivingCan help connect people with disabilities to resources which empower them to be independent and involved in their communities.

The Gardner's Story

Meet Tim and Julie Gardner. It was about a year ago when The Whole Person (TWP) first learned of their situation. Travis Rash, TWP Housing Coordinator, shares "I originally heard the story of the Gardners from Joy's mother, Diane. She called The Whole Person sharing that her daughter and her husband were living on a fixed income. They were having a really difficult time finding safe, decent, affordable housing that fit their needs. Julie shared with Travis that "people don't understand. They look at us and they're like, 'Oh. They're able-bodied people. Why don't they have jobs?' It's not because we don't want it. It's because we can't." 

Listen to their story.

The Kilgore's Story

On a bright spring afternoon, Jim Kilgore took that one step onto his deck from their second-floor master bedroom. Many of Jim's neighbors were out on their decks awaiting a military flyover commemorating the service of medical personnel treating COVID patients. Debbie Kilgore, "For some reason, he took one step and it just collapsed."  After 10 days and a surgery on his back to relieve pain, Jim was released to begin his rehabilitation from home. Jim Kilgore, "When I got home, I felt like I was really in rough shape. It was hard to move, hard to get up. Everything was so new to me because I never had this type of experience before, being injured." The Whole Person's Home Health Team worked with Jim and supported Debbie, getting them the care they needed during a difficult time.

  Listen to their story.

Advocates of Honor Monthly Club

When you join The Whole Person’s Advocates of Honor, you join a passionate group of people which donate monthly, immediately enabling us to provide support for vital programs which empower people with disabilities to live, work, and enjoy their lives with independence, opportunity, and dignity.

As a member of our Advocates of Honor Monthly Giving Club, you will get recognition on our website and n our newsletter....and we will send you this AOH enamel pin as a gift.

Click here to join our Advocates of Honor Monthly Giving Club!

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Show us what #GivingCan do!

Support at any level is greatly appreciated!

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“The people I’ve met at TWP have been so genuinely good, I’ve felt so welcomed and understood, and I’ve finally been able to advocate the way I’ve wanted to for all my life.” 
—Sam Anderson, Intern in Public Policy and powerchair user

“A person’s quality of life dramatically improves when they are living in a place of their own choosing. The MFP/Transition team is glad to be a part of that choice.”
—Doshon Hunley, Core Services Manager

“I don’t know whether my passion for walking or having been born blind has been more influential on turning me into an advocate for promoting walkable communities and the many other aspects of healthy living that comprise the walking lifestyle.”
—Sheila Styron, Independent Living Advocate at TWP