• Missouri Office 816-561-0304
    Missouri Office 816-561-0304
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    Kansas Office 913-871-4188
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    Home Health Care, St. Joseph 816-364-0900



There’s always something going on at The Whole Person.

Under this tab you will find:

Special Signature Event Information and Registration

An archive of Press Releases

An archive of our quarterly TWP Connects newsletters

An event calendar which lists:

  1. All events open to the public that are occurring at The Whole Person
  2. Links to events that people with disabilities in the Kansas City Metro Area would be interested in
  3. Listings for each of our current support groups
  4. Listings for workshops and training classes
  5. Listings for special events
  6. Listings for fundraisers
  7. Adaptive sports tournaments and community events

PULL DOWN a list of event categories or SEARCH for specific topics/groups in the bar at the top of each month.

You can also ADD an event to your email calendar!

Check back often to be up-to-date on all that is happening at The Whole Person!