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The number of adults with autism is rapidly rising, yet advocates say nearly half of 25-year-olds with the disorder have never held a paying job.

Legislation establishing first-ever federal oversight of restraint and seclusion in the nation's schools is back on the table.

We changed queer literature, and the world, by writing our own stories. With disability, we can do it again.

As hate crimes across the U.S. surge, new data indicates that incidents targeting people with disabilities are up sharply too.

New research suggests that determining whether or not a child likely has autism could one day be as simple as spitting in a cup.

If you have a student in your life who you want to serve the community, here are some tips for how to encourage teenagers to volunteer with a cause they care about.

A change to medical billing codes for the most common behavior therapy for autism will mean better insurance coverage for families and less hassle for providers, advocates say.

Stigma often prevents patients from acknowledging an Alzheimer’s diagnosis. A series of high-profile disclosures may help change that.

Children with developmental delays — including autism — are nearly 50 percent more likely than other kids to become overweight or obese at young ages, according to a new study.

Vocational rehabilitation agencies say they're serving more students with disabilities thanks to a new federal mandate, but they're still falling short of fully meeting their obligations.

A local sheriff's office has agreed to pay more than $337,000 after being accused of shackling students as punishment for behavior related to their disabilities.

Her deafness was no hindrance as she broke the land-speed record for women, one highlight in a life in daredevilry. “Deaf people,” she said, “can do anything.”

A school for Seeing Eye dogs uses the chaos of New York City as its ultimate test when matching young dogs with their blind masters.

Advocates say that federal emergency response efforts are failing to protect the civil rights of people with disabilities, including by sending them unnecessarily to nursing homes.

Caregiving is a valuable position in our community which often goes unrecognized. Let's look at what National Family Caregivers Month is and how you can celebrate it.

Standards have been proposed to address what are often viewed as disparities in medical treatment for people with disabilities, but the Trump administration has declined to enforce them.

States are facing challenges meeting their obligations to provide home and community-based services to people with developmental disabilities and other groups, federal investigators say.

His achievements included helping to found the National Theater of the Deaf. The actress Marlee Matlin was one of his protégés.

While naps typically help young people retain information they've learned, new research suggests that the opposite may be true for those with Down syndrome.

An assisted living facility is looking to accommodate parents and their adult children with disabilities, offering a placement where individuals could stay even after their parents pass on.

In Staten Island, there is a bar full of middle-aged white guys who like their classic rock. And that’s exactly what Ahmed Shareef, a disabled Iraqi refugee, plays.

A television show all about the experiences of a teenager with autism is getting another run.

With a television development deal for a semi-autobiographical show, Maysoon Zayid is hoping to push marginalized groups into the mainstream.

If you strive to live an altruistic lifestyle, there are lots of ways to help out this Halloween. Here are some top tricks to make Halloween a treat for everyone.

Federal contractors may soon get one more reason to prioritize hiring workers with disabilities.

Families in some areas are struggling to find nurses to assist their children with disabilities leading to compromised care and straining parents who are left to pick up the pieces.

The number of characters with disabilities on prime-time television this year is set to hit a record high.

Kids with autism often struggle with behavior issues, but researchers say a simple new questionnaire may be able to determine if an underlying medical condition is actually the cause.

Autism therapy is attracting significant attention from private equity firms, a trend that could fund rapid expansion of clinics, but is also raising concerns about quality of care.

How can you encourage the children in your life to be active and volunteer with their community? We have some ideas for how to get kids involved in giving back.

Federal officials are taking action against two companies for charging thousands of dollars for therapies they "deceptively" claimed could treat autism, cerebral palsy and other conditions.

Blind since he was 13, the mountain climber Erik Weihenmayer has reached the highest peaks on all seven continents.

Advocates are pushing for clearer privacy protections as states work to comply with a requirement that personal care attendants electronically check in when assisting people with disabilities.

It’s not really about the dog. Or being French. Or blind.

As national television networks have been airing video of school staff dragging a student with autism, advocates are expressing concern, saying they've seen similar situations before.

Children with developmental disabilities are far more likely to be missing a lot of school, according to a new federal report, with those who have certain conditions at especially high risk.

A major standardized test-maker says it has changed its ways after being accused of illegally disclosing students' disabilities.

There are plenty of ways to get involved in your community. To get you started, we came up with six spooky-fun volunteering ideas for October.

Federal officials are committing millions of new dollars to Down syndrome research and they say even more money may be on the way.

Payments to Social Security and Supplemental Security Income beneficiaries are set to go up a good bit next year.

An analysis of more than 180 cities across the country is zeroing in on the best places to live for people with disabilities.

For over 15 years, Juanita Bobo has provided the care Amber Radune needs to remain in her home, but low pay and other pressures are leaving even the most dedicated caregivers in a tough spot.

Grants will provide closed captioning of spoken words, or audio description of action, on mobile devices, in a way that is not distracting to other patrons.

They helped blaze the trail for community-based housing, but nearly six decades into raising their son with Down syndrome, one couple is facing the challenge of a child who's out-aging them.

‘My mother practically cried when I heard a cricket chirping in the house,’ says a woman who got a cochlear implant at age 11.

Books are a valuable source of information, creativity and empathy. If you're not a book lover now, you will be soon. Here's how reading makes you a better person.

Training public school teachers specifically to work with students who have autism makes a big difference, new research suggests, helping kids on the spectrum excel in mainstream classes.

The airline has clarified its policy around which service animals are allowed on board. Mini horses, welcome to the club.

As the number of people with dementia rises, those with early stages of the ailment are pursuing fulfilling lives and making plans for future care.

With employers facing a tight labor market, falling unemployment rates among people with disabilities suggest more hiring managers are opening their eyes to this untapped pool of workers.