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In the News

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A bill that includes more than $1.8 billion for federal efforts to address the needs of people with autism is headed to President Donald Trump.

The owner of a health care company pleaded guilty to fraudulently billing for servicing multiple children with disabilities simultaneously and charging for more than 24 hours in a single day.

Under a new Trump administration policy, a program that has long allowed undocumented families to remain in this country while fighting serious or life-threatening conditions is ending.

The U.S. Department of Education is weighing in after confusion forced some students with disabilities to withdraw from or forgo applying to postsecondary programs.

A new effort launching this week is pairing people on the spectrum with mentors from Cartoon Network Studios.

Three years ago, one state created an Amber Alert-style system to help find people with disabilities who go missing. But it's never been used despite three recent cases with tragic endings.

The U.S. Army is reportedly investigating the circumstances that led a recruiter to encourage a teenager to hide his autism diagnosis when enlisting.

Most pumpkin patches have more activities to keep you and your family entertained all afternoon. Keep reading for a full list of our favorite pumpkinless patch pastimes.

The Trump administration is giving up on its long-running effort to delay an Obama-era rule designed to keep certain students from being wrongly placed in special education.

Performance-enhancing technology and drugs might lead to an athletic renaissance.

Federal education officials are asking for ideas as they work to strengthen transition services for students with disabilities.

After a writer with a disability wrote an op-ed, critics commented about her looks, calling her fat, "it," and comparing her to a potato and a blobfish. She took the high rode, and went viral.

Irene Taylor Brodsky makes a documentary about her son, her father and a master composer.

His two feet have carried him for thousands of miles. His sister has only one.

A report looking at last year's 100 top-grossing films finds that representation of people with disabilities on the big screen is at a four-year low.

The former head of the National Down Syndrome Society is facing questions about her time leading the organization as she seeks a U.S. House seat largely based on her record with the group.

Mientras diseñaba su más reciente exposición, The Wellcome Collection de Londres consultó ampliamente a personas con discapacidad, pero también a personas con autismo y padecimientos de salud mental.

A Democratic candidate for president is apologizing for laughing and praising a man who described President Donald Trump's actions as "mentally retarded."

The family of an 8-year-old girl with Down syndrome wants action after she returned home from the first day of classes with six bite marks on her face, arms and legs.

Researchers are looking to determine if virtual reality can help teach people with autism how to respond to law enforcement officers, potentially saving lives.

Showing a little encouragement is an easy way to make someone’s day, and we’ve come up with a few ideas on how you can do so.

A first-of-its-kind training program aims to provide career opportunities to people with disabilities while also addressing the shortage of direct support professionals.

Paralyzed in an accident at 23, she devoted her life to changing perceptions of the disabled and was a key player in passing the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Those without disabilities might not notice the innovations, but a museum in London is winning plaudits for its design and content.

Nearly a decade after Congress first considered restrictions on the use of restraint and seclusion in schools, a new report finds that rules continue to vary significantly from state to state.

She was told her disability didn't need to hold her back. But after earning a full ride to Stanford, the struggle to fund the care Sylvia Colt-Lacayo needs is proving her toughest battle yet.

A Republican congressional candidate declined to host the performers, questioning whether they could give their “full and informed consent.”

Against all odds, Brent Lowe escaped the wrath of Hurricane Dorian. Now the real struggle begins.

To expand the pool of workers, companies are recruiting stay-at-home parents, retirees and people with disabilities. Will they keep it up if the economy sours?

A new drama headed to prime-time television this month prominently features a character with Down syndrome.

Judge Carlton W. Reeves said he would appoint a special master to oversee the system. The federal government sued the state in 2016.

Personas con discapacidad o apariencia poco común nos hablan sobre cuál es la manera correcta en la que debemos reaccionar en vez de mirarlos fijamente o hacer como que no los vimos.

At least a dozen states have adopted laws encouraging supported decision-making, which — unlike guardianship — allows people with disabilities to make decisions for themselves.

Dental school students will soon be required to learn how to care for patients with disabilities under new guidelines from an accrediting body.

With a new shoe built from the ground up to be accessible for people with disabilities, Nike is working with a major professional athlete to prove that inclusive styles are meant for everyone.

Realizing that there were no university programs for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities anywhere near her home, one mother set out to establish one.

For the last year, a man with autism has been in jail charged with murder and elder abuse after his mother died, even as his attorney says his mother was his caregiver, not the other way around.

The burden of being perceived as different persists. The solution to this problem is community.

Autumn’s beautiful weather and fun holidays make it easy to find volunteering opportunities in your area. We’ve come up with a few ideas to get you started.

New research suggests that the prevalence of autism is on the rise and it's growing at a significantly faster clip among certain groups of kids.

Virtual tours and virtual social interactions are giving kids with disabilities a chance to practice life skills in safe spaces before they experience the real thing.

My grandmother showed me how to surpass the expectations that the ‘medical model’ had set for me.

Several nonprofit groups cater to surfers with disabilities, both physical and cognitive.

Federal officials are working to further clarify how they will determine if living arrangements for people with disabilities are considered community-based versus institutional.

Amid a shortage of special educators, schools are increasingly leaning on paraeducators. Now, one state is the first to require training for this workforce.

With a new collection of adaptive clothing designs, the Halloween costume search just got a little easier for children with disabilities.

Thinking about expanding your family to add a new furry friend? When you adopt a pet, you’re changing both its life and yours. Here's a list of top reasons you should consider a shelter animal for your next pet.

After the widespread success of state insurance mandates for autism treatment, a grassroots effort is underway to do the same for other developmental disabilities.

The end is near for an Emmy-winning television series chronicling the lives of young adults with Down syndrome.

Medicaid officials are clarifying a new requirement that care providers electronically check in when assisting people with disabilities, but advocates say the guidance doesn't go far enough.