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The nation's largest autism advocacy group is reporting a big spike in fundraising.

On his road to becoming the lead actor in a major motion picture, Zack Gottsagen, who has Down syndrome, first had to blast through roadblocks thrown by a resistant school district.

Cooking up a homemade meal can be nourishing for the mind, body and soul. Read on to discover how cooking makes people happier and more connected.

An online service that's believed to be the first of its kind is helping people with developmental disabilities find compatible roommates and settle into homes independent from their families.

A restaurant manager who used violence, threats, isolation and intimidation to force a man with intellectual disability to work for years without pay was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

A new Trump administration rule could make it harder for people with developmental disabilities and others to lodge discrimination complaints under the federal Fair Housing Act.

Officials in one state announced a $1 million fine against insurance giant UnitedHealthcare for improperly handling claims related to autism and other mental health care.

“I don’t choose artworks, I choose artists”: Johann König says his near-blindness makes him a smarter gallerist.

I’ve always felt like the object of a constant tug of war between the deaf and the hearing communities.

Thursday: The new $41.5 million Queens library is being hailed as a wonder, but design problems may keep some people from enjoying it.

Characters with disabilities are largely missing from children's television and film and when they are shown, they're routinely portrayed as helpless, a new report finds.

Spurred by the death of a man with Down syndrome at the hands of off-duty sheriff's deputies, families are making it their mission to educate first responders about people with disabilities.

“It’s chaos,” said one of the children’s librarians.

A push to allow people with disabilities receiving Supplemental Security Income to keep more assets and remove a penalty affecting those who marry is gaining steam.

A program pairing typically-developing middle school students with their peers in special education is attracting wide notice for how it's changing school culture.

More individuals with disabilities are becoming elected officials across the country, according to a recent study, though they remain underrepresented.

November is a wonderful time to recognize your blessings and give thanks for them.

In an effort to help people with disabilities access job training and get hired, one of the nation's leading ride-sharing services plans to offer free or discounted rides.

A person can rage pointlessly at hardship, or draw strength from it.

Google is putting up $5.3 million to help make an inclusive apartment complex — catering to those with and without developmental disabilities — a reality.

Exposure to acetaminophen — better known as Tylenol — in the womb may have some connection with a child's risk for ADHD and autism spectrum disorder, suggests a new study.

Government officials say they're dramatically increasing their investment in improving transportation options for people with disabilities with a new multimillion-dollar initiative.

Federal support for many colleges serving students with intellectual disabilities expires next year, and programs are scrambling to identify new sources of funding.

Aliens, demons and other shady creatures are invading social media — and being co-opted by the world of style.

It's long been known that people with Down syndrome are more susceptible to Alzheimer's disease, but now a new study is quantifying just how common memory issues are in this population.

With Uber, Airbnb and others changing the way people do business, a new app is designed to fill a gap in disability services by connecting families with experienced, vetted caregivers.

Three years after a man with developmental disabilities wandered from his group home and found himself at the center of a police shooting, his troubles are far from over.

If you're looking for ideas to celebrate National Family Literacy Day, look no further. We've come up with a handy list your family will love.

More needs to be done to vet organizations handling Social Security benefits on behalf of people with disabilities who are unable to manage their own money, government investigators say.

Too many people have no choice but to reconfigure their lives around a loved one’s disability.

The blue bucket — used on Halloween to signal that a trick-or-treater has autism or is nonverbal for another reason — is taking off this year thanks to one mom's viral Facebook post.

A judge ruled that a school district inappropriately forced a student into a specialized program for those with the lowest IQ's and advocates say there may be thousands of others just like him.

Three of the nation's most prominent disability organizations are banding together in an effort to bring about a million jobs for people with developmental disabilities by 2025.

Federal regulators are warning a company against using unsubstantiated claims to illegally peddle a slate of supposed treatments for autism and other conditions.

School districts facing especially high costs to educate students with disabilities would get additional help under a new proposal in Congress.

Overwhelmed by the complexity of Medicaid waivers, families are increasingly turning to consultants to help them navigate the maze of rules and regulations.

A chain of residential care homes for people with disabilities paid their workers as little as $4 an hour and made them work more than 87 hours a week, according to a federal lawsuit.

For centuries, people have been preaching the benefits of meditation. Keep reading to learn about some of the best advantages you’ll receive from meditation.

The primary method that pediatricians use to identify children with autism is missing more kids with the developmental disorder than it catches, new research suggests.

Recognizing that students with autism need job skills just as much as a degree, one university is believed to be the first to open a campus store to provide them with workplace training.

A gymnastics school accused of canceling a child's birthday party after learning the youth and guests had disabilities reached a settlement with federal officials over the complaint.

After a lifetime of poor vision, a woman learned to navigate the blur of New York City by memory and mental tricks. Then things got worse. And then, miraculously, better.

The federal government's top special education official is heading for the exit.

Twelve women who attended a celebrated school for the deaf claim a housemaster abused them for years, and the school did nothing to prevent it.

A new ranking is evaluating the best places to live for people with disabilities by factoring everything from affordability to access to support services.

The magazine’s Ethicist columnist on whether to keep doing volunteer work you promised to do but aren’t good at and more.

A jury has awarded $5.2 million to a longtime Walmart employee with a developmental disability after determining that the company failed to accommodate him.

Historically, actors who play characters with disabilities have been rewarded with ticket sales and even Academy Awards. But a study shows viewers are tired of inauthentic representations.

The law says public schools must give students with disabilities the services that meet their individual needs, but parents and districts often disagree on what those services should be.

Since the weather is cooling down, you can add a little sunshine and warmth to a stranger with these simple ideas.