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2020 Expressions Artists

Sandra Vukas

Sandra Vukas

Sandra Vukas
Kansas City, KS

Painting relaxes me, motivates me, and helps me sleep. I go to art groups twice a week to be around other artists and it makes me feel less alone. I’m part of a community with my friends and my art teachers. Painting has helped me manage my tremors and I’ve learned to work with them instead of against them. I like to create paintings of the things in my head; I used to see things that weren’t there and now I can just paint them instead of being afraid of them. I feel happy and delighted when I finish a painting and it always makes me want to start the next.

Participating in Expressions will give me something to look forward to. I love making art and want to feel good about what I make. I think seeing it in a show would help me feel good about myself. I also want to see other people enjoying my work.