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July Jubilee Food Trucks

Food Trucks at the July Jubilee!

Click photo for sample menu.

We are a mobile food cart that specializes in grilled cheese. We make our own, delicious tomato basil soup that pairs with our grilled cheese. Cheesy Street is owned and operated by Emilie Karas and Ellie Johnson in addition to many awesome employees. Ellie and Emilie renovated this 1975 camper trailer to fit their food truck needs. Cheesy Street started roaming the streets of Kansas City October of 2016 and has been having a blast ever since. With a passion for the culinary and for childhood Cheesy Street was born. We change our menu often to keep this seasonal and fresh. You will always find us with our homemade tomato basil soup and various grilled cheese options.

The legend of Kansas City's Big Kahuna burger has spread far and wide - maybe you've heard. With a perfect, sizzling patty of beef, topped by two eggs, mayo, grilled onion and hot sauce, there's as much flavor as there is texture, and both work together to craft an experience your mouth won't soon forget. It's a legend for a reason, after all. And along with the rest of the burgers (and chili dogs, sausages, fries and tacos) the legend's spreading at a rapidly expanding pace. Bring it to you for whatever event you need a legend present for, or maybe just invent a reason yourself. Whoever's lucky enough to be invited will be so happy they might just make you a legend too. And just like with the burger, it'll be a status that's nothing if not deserved.

Our Story: "The Marigold seed was planted many years ago as I grew up in a house with ten brothers and sisters. My Mother is no ordinary woman! She didn't feed us hot dogs or boxed macaroni with powdered cheese. We usually dined late in the evening, after the sun set. Mom would spend hours pouring her love into every meal she served. She hand fried sixty taco shells for just one meal! School lunches were lined up on the kitchen counter in the morning filled with home cooked roast beef sandwiches. Crepes, lasagna, cream puffs... She even made taffy on the marble floor! We would hear the sound of the dinner bell and come running from the surrounding neighborhood, usually with a few extra in tow. Those dinners were the center of our lives. We laughed, we shared and we loved."

Marigold's will be at the Main Street Music Festival on Friday, July 27 only.