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Festival Bands

Conga Jim and the Coconuts

Conga Jim and the Coconuts

With an emphasis on fun tunes and revamped classics, Conga Jim and the Coconuts plays a mix of styles to please any crowd. From folk-rock to island tunes and even some rockin'-blues, the group might just play one of your favorites. The group performs at private parties and charitable events that are important to the members. With four vocalists and a repertoire encompassing five decades of popular music, the group can cover a lot of musical territory. You're sure to find enjoyable songs that bring a smile to your face and get your feet moving.

Jim Pfeffer (conga, percussion) is the heartbeat of the group. His love of all things music is contagious.

Jerry Long (vocals, guitar) is the music historian in the group. His catalog of tunes is impressive.

Ken Kresha (vocals, guitar) brings smooth, high vocals and guitar chops.

Joe Biesterfeld (vocals, guitar, mandolin, ukulele) adds various flavors to the mix of tunes.

Ray Ham (bass) lays down the foundation for the musical forays.

Rob Beagel (vocals, harmonica) adds a bluesy and folksy touch to the group.