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Festival Bands

Washboard Jo

Washboard Jo

At the age of 40 Jo was selected randomly from the crowd at a concert and a washboard was placed upon her chest and she's yet to put it down! Washboard Jo now plays all types of washboards including an electric washboard made by Traginer, the electric washboard company who sponsors Washboard Jo. She's been performing for 16 years and to date has played with 100's of bands all over the world.

As a young teen, Jo joined an all-girl drum & bugle corp. The drum line is where Jo learned to play rudiments. She marched hundreds of parades and competitions.

Washboard Jo is full of passion, energy and brings the stage to life no matter what event she is performing for. Be prepared, as Jo loves to bring her audience to life by making them a part of the show playing washboards and other instruments or simply marching in a second line parade!!

Washboard hopes you enjoy the show as much as she enjoys performing for you!!