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Festival Bands



SELLOUT! plays what the people want to hear - over the top decade smash hit songs that get people dancing and partying like there’s no tomorrow. Starting early and closing the place down is what sellout is all about. True, it’s about as cheesy as cheese can get but we all love hearing that familiar song that brings back the best of memories.

Focusing on retro dance classics from the 70’s and 80’s may provide the emphasis of the party but Sellout doesn’t stop there. Be it Rock, Funk, Pop, Disco, Grunge or Hip Hop from today going all the way back to the 60’s Sellout brings it to the party. SELLOUT! proudly presents cheese wrapped cheese, dipped in cheese.

Join Sellout for a couple of “socials” and you just might find yourself having as much fun as they do!

Nick Kounas Guitar, Vocals; Steve Ozark Bass, Vocals; Bob Little, Jason Slote, Jason Meier Drums; Jenny Chronister, Regan Mitchell, Julie Boye, Vocals; Danny Loental Sax, Vocals; Mike Edmondson Percussion; Logan Heer, Keyboards, Trumpet, Vocals.