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All Abilities Tennis

All Abilities Tennis Program

  • Ages 18 and above introduction and advance playing opportunities at Northland Racquet Club.
  • Tentative practice time for this program will be Saturday mornings.
  • The cost is $5 weekly and can be paid at each practice (first practice free).
  • Participants will need to sign a waiver before they can play. Waivers are available online.

We are teaching individuals basic racquet techniques, proper forehand, proper backhand, and mobility if they are able to do so. These beginner sessions are fun and interactive, involving simple techniques such as dropping or bouncing a ball to the participants as they try to properly make contact with the tennis racquet and the ball.  Sessions are not focused on playing an actual match.

If you have a disability you can still enjoy all of the benefits the game of tennis provides with adaptations designed to meet your individual needs. Tennis is truly a game for everyone. If you can swing a racquet, you CAN play!

According to the United States Tennis Association (USTA), the goal of adaptive tennis is to promote and develop recreational tennis opportunities for individuals with differing abilities and circumstances through inclusion, knowledge, and support, and by providing, where needed, adaptive programming, equipment, and teaching techniques.

If you are interested in the wheelchair tennis program, contact Dr. Melissa Burns PsyD, at 816-627-2220, or MBurns@thewholeperson.org, or complete the form below.

All Abilities Tennis Program

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