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Beep Baseball

Beep Baseball

*Beep baseball is the equivalent of America's favorite pastime for the blind or visually impaired, but with a few differences:

  • There are only two bases; first and third. The bases, which emit a beeping sound, are about four feet tall. Players run toward the beeping base after the ball is hit.
  • The catcher and pitcher are in the batter’s team; they are both sighted.
  • There are six fielders in a team, and all of them are blind or visually impaired. Everyone wears sleep shades or blindfolds so as to not give any advantage to players with some remaining vision.
  • The defensive team is allowed two spotters, or sighted volunteers who call out the zone numbers and assist the team.
  • Each game has six innings and four strikes. Games typically last 90 minutes.

*Source: The Chicago Lighthouse

Here is a video example of beep baseball.  It is our dream to develop this further in Kansas City.  If you would like to help make that happen financially as a sponsor, or as a volunteer or player, please contact Rick Haith, TWP's Recreation Outreach Coordinator at 816-627-2222; rhaith@thewholeperson.org.

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