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Real Estate Services

Photo of Travis Rash
Travis Rash, MPA

Real Estate Consultant

Home Buying/Selling Services

Travis Rash, Real Estate Consultant for The Whole Person, and Kansas City Realty Services, is a licensed real estate professional in the States of Missouri and Kansas. He also a member of the Area KC Team, whose members have more than a decade of combined experience in the real estate industry. Travis Rash, and his Team, are realtors with a social purpose.

Travis is willing to represent anyone and everyone in the homebuying process in a non-profit capacity. Any commission earnings he receives from the purchase or sale of a house goes back to The Whole Person for the purposes of providing care and services to individuals with disabilities in the Kansas City metro, to ensure that they can live full and independent lives in the community.

Current Listings

Current Accessible Housing Listings

If you are interested in the potential of receiving Real Estate Services, please contact Travis Rash at:
Email: travisr@thewholeperson.org
Phone: 816-627-2279