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Kansas Agencies

Kansas Agencies

Assistive Technology for Kansans - Assistance to Kansans for those with vision and hearing loss for assistive technology.

Cotton Orthotic and Prosthetic Associates - Braces and artificial limbs

Dental Lifeline Network - Donated dental services in Kansas.

Disability Prepared Best Practices in Kansas - Best practices in disaster planning for people with disabilities.

Disability Rights Center of Kansas - A public interest legal advocacy agency empowered by federal law to advocate for the civil and legal rights of Kansas with disabilities.

Families Together, Inc. - Assisting Kansas parents and their sons and daughters who have disabilities

Georgetown Pharmacy and Health Care Center - Ostomy, urological, and medical supplies.

Home Buddy - Medical alert company in Wichita, Kansas specializing in medical alert buttons, medication dispensers and tele-health monitoring for senior care.

Housing and Credit Counseling in Kansas - Counseling and education provided on consumer credit/debt management and tenant/landlord issues.

Internal Revenue Service - Information on how to contact the IRS if you have questions.

Kansas AgrAbility - Assists people with disabilities who work in agriculture.

Kansas Assistive Technology - ATK connects people with disabilities and health conditions of all ages with the assistive technology they need to learn, work, play and participate in community life safely and independently.

Kansas Audio Reader - Radio for the blind and print-disabled

KanCare - Medicaid for Kansas.

Kansas Centers for Independent Living - To find help in your area for independent living services.

Kansas City, Kansas Advisory Committee on Disabilities Issues - A group of community member with disabilities appointed by the Board of commissioners meeting to address the needs of the persons with disabilities.

Kansas Commission on Disability Concerns (KCDC) - KCDC Disability Service Maps.

Kansas Department on Aging and Disability Services - Fostering an environment that promotes security, dignity and independence for all Kansans.

Kansas Commission on Disability Concerns - Providing policy guidance to the government of Kansas and disability-related information to the people of Kansas.

Kansas Department for Children and Families - Manages and administers the delivery of human services to the people of Kansas.

Kansas Disability and Health Program - Kansans with disabilities can be healthy.

Kansas Division of Emergency Management - General information and resources relating to public safety in Kansas.

Kansas Emergency Managers - Map of Counties in Kansas and their emergency manager contacts.

Kansas Guardianship Program - To assure that adults who are without family or financial resources and who need a court appointed guardian or conservator will have available a qualified, trained and caring volunteer to serve as their legally appointed guardian and/or conservator.

Kansas Health Institute - Information resource for state policymakers.

Kansas Legislature - Information about the Kansas Legislature which consists of a 125-member House of Representatives and a 40-member Senate.

Kansas Relay Services - Facilitates communication with Kansas that have hearing and/or speech disabilities.

Kansas Self Directed Services and Individualized Planning - Individualized planning and self-directed services for individuals with disabilities with Medicaid funding.

Kansas Self-Direction Toolkit - Provides individuals with disabilities the information and tools needed to self-direct any component of their personal assistance services.

Kansas Service Dogs (KSDS Inc.) - Specializing in promoting independence and inclusion of individuals who are visually impaired or physically disabled, by providing highly-trained canine assistance and support.

Kansas Service for the Blind and Visually Impaired - Kansas Department for Children and Families Rehabilitation page for individuals who are blind or visually impaired.

Kansas Talking Books - Personalized library support and materials in a specialized format to eligible Kansas Residents to ensure that all may read.

Kansas Telecommunications Access Program - Telecommunications equipment distribution program.

Kansas Transit Provider Directory - Interactive map providing links to information about Kansas transit provider agencies.

Kansas Vocational Rehabilitation - Employment services to empower Kansans with disabilities to become gainfully employed and self-sufficient.

Kansas Weatherization Program - Kansas Weatherization Assistance Program. Improves heating efficiency and fuel savings by ensuring your home holds in heat and air-conditioning, while keeping hot and cold air out.

KANSASWORKS - Source for posting and finding jobs in the state of Kansas.

Kansas Youth Empowerment Academy - Serving youth with disabilities across Kansas to educate, mentor and support youth with disabilities to be contributing members of their community.

K-LOAN - Making assistive technology more accessible to those in need.

OCCK - Not-for-profit organization, in cooperation with Kansas Medicaid and other agencies, dedicated to helping people with physical or mental disabilities remove barriers to employment, independent living, and full participation in their communities. Their Solution Outreach Center refurbishes wheelchairs, hospital beds and other durable equipment that are no longer being used and made available for other Kansans at no charge.

Online Colleges in Kansas - Online school overview in Kansas.

Progressive Medical Equipment - Wheelchair seating and position expert. Assist with and implement choices that maximize the independence and quality of life for our community; 913-894-4405.

Self-Direct Toolkit - The Kansas self-direct toolkit provides individuals with disabilities the information and tools to self-direct any component of their personal assistance services.

Statewide Independent Living Council of Kansas - Independent living demands consumer empowerment, control, equal access, and integration. The plan shall insure that there are civil rights in place for total integration.

Voter Registration - Information on voting in Kansas.