Share your birthday with TWP!


At the heart of them is the opportunity to tell someone, “I’m glad that you were born,” which is also to say “You matter to me.” We believe your story is important, and we believe your story is worth celebrating.

Turn Your Birthday into a Celebration of Advocacy

Each year a birthday greets you again and invites you to pause and celebrate. We’re excited to share that you can now turn your big day into a celebration of advocacy by donating your birthday to The Whole Person through Facebook. It’s a chance to tell your story, and show others how to support our mission to connect people with disabilities to the resources they need.

How to Donate to your Birthday

Although you can get started anytime, we recommend you start at least 2 weeks from your birthday. Below are 3 easy steps to create and customize your Birthday Fundraiser.


You’re still invited to the party. Here are just a few ways you can participate in our Facebook birthday or General Fundraiser initiatives:

  1. Make someone’s (birth)day and donate to a random fundraiser here.
  2. Celebrate a friend's birthday by setting up a Birthday Fundraiser in their honor.
  3. Set up a General Fundraiser for The Whole Person in honor of one of our programs or services that has been meaningful to you!

Questions? Email our team at