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Stage One

Stage One

Stage One

(M-W-F 9:00am-Noon)

“Preparing for the kitchen” is a two-week program focusing on preparing to enter the kitchen. 

This stage includes activities such as:

  • Managing food and supply inventory.
  • Gaining knowledge of food and ingredient shelf-life.
  • Correctly labeling and dating products.
  • Maintaining appropriate kitchen and food safety.
  • Problem-solving in the workplace.
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About The Whole Person Catering

The Whole Person Catering is a social enterprise sponsored by The Whole Person, a Missouri Center for Independent Living headquartered in Kansas City MO. We serve a gourmet menu of sandwiches, salads, sides, delicious desserts and beverages. The Whole Person Catering is staffed by participants in EmployAbilities, a comprehensive employment training program for job seekers living with a developmental disability administered by The Whole Person.

Mission Statement: The Whole Person Catering will prepare people with disabilities for competitive employment.

EmployAbilities is a program of The Whole Person's Employment Services Team:

April Schmidt

TWP Employment Services Manager


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