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Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors set expectations and assist with general promotion of The Whole Person to support our organization’s mission and needs.

All members of the Board support our programs and services through committee work and financial support. In addition, at least 51% of our Board Members are people with significant disabilities and serve as role models for our consumers.

Our Board of Directors meet at 5:30pm on the 2nd Monday of each month in the Community Room and through Zoom.
The TWP Public Meeting Code of Conduct Policy applies to all persons attending public meetings of the Board of Directors (“Board”) of The Whole Person, Inc. (“TWP”). Please contact Teri Jones if you need further information at 816-561-0304.

Board of Directors:

Chris Albright, President
Michael Nava, Vice President
Mike McCord, Secretary
CJ Charbonneau
Marcia Klostermann
Hilary Muehlberger
Carla Oppenheimer
Darrin Sherman
Patricia Stillwell
Jordan Ward

September 2022

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Monday, September 12, 2022
5:30 pm7:30 pm
The Whole Person, 3710 Main Street, Kansas City, MO 64111