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Telecommunications Access Program (TAP)

Missouri Telecommunications Access Program (TAP)

The Telecommunications Access Program (TAP), administered by the Missouri Assistive Technology Advisory Council, is a nationwide effort to provide free adaptive equipment to help individuals with all types of disabilities access basic home telecommunication services.

Who is eligible?

  1. You must be a Missouri resident, have telephone service in your home and have a disability.
  2. Your annual adjusted income cannot exceed $60,000 for an individual or an individual plus a second exemption, spouse or dependent. For each additional dependent claimed, $5,000 can be added to the $60,000 base amount.

What kind of equipment does the program provide?

Telephone equipment includes such devices as voice carry over phones, phones for hearing carry over, signaling devices, amplified phones and hands-free phones. The program does not provide devices such as hearing aids and augmentative communication devices.

How do I apply for and select the equipment I need?

Contact The Whole Person to see if you will qualify for a phone, then schedule an appointment for a demonstration. Once you have selected equipment, you own it and are responsible for repairs outside the provider’s terms as well as all miscellaneous supplies such as TTY paper, headsets and regular batteries. You can reapply for new equipment every four years. If changes in your disability require different equipment, you may reapply based on your new needs.