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Individual and Systems Advocacy

41 Action News story - Aired on October 25, 2018

Scooters are about as common as cars if you venture to downtown Kansas City, but if not parked correctly, the scooters can cause quite the obstacle for people with disabilities.

41 Action News Story - Aired on March 2, 2018

The Whole Person helps man with disability be independent. He is sharing his challenges as a man living with a disability in hopes of helping others.

KSHB 41 Action News: Published on Jul 12, 2017

Cuts to Missouri's budget for disabled stay at home programs may force many people from their homes into nursing care facilities. Features interview with CEO Julie DeJean.

KSHB 41 Action News:  Published on Jan 24, 2017

Many buildings and sidewalks across Kansas City are not up to code with the American with Disabilities Act. Kansas City Council is asking voters to approve an infrastructure bond to get sidewalks and buildings to comply with the ADA.

KSHB 41 Action News:  Published on Jul 13, 2016

Knowing where a candidate stands on issues important to you is one of the key parts of voting. But on more obscure issues, it can be harder to find where a candidate stands. One organization is working to change that. Read more at http://m.kshb.com/29zH3jX

KHSB41 Action News:  Published on Jul 11, 2016

Fifty million - that's the number people in the United States facing some type of physical, emotional, cognitive, or developmental disability.
Read more at http://m.kshb.com/29zH3jX