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Worship / Congregation

Worship / Congregations


Deaf International Community Church

Interpreted worship services.


Deaf Liberty Baptist Church

Services conducted in American Sign Language. The pastor and congregation are deaf. Services are voice interpreted for the hearing.


Frederick Boulevard Baptist Church

Interpreted Sunday Worship Services at 8:30am and 11:00 am.


Life.Church Overland Park

ASL Interpreter at 10:00 am service, as well as an ASL interpreted service on the Facebook page each Sunday.


Northland Deaf Church

Communicate the Gospel in American Sign Language in our services, our outreach events and our fellowship times. We have both deaf and hearing members, but primarily language is ASL.


Overland Park Church of Christ

Signed services.


St. Paul Catholic Church, Olathe

Signed Mass is on the second Sunday of every month at 1 pm.