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Technology / Computers & Apps

Technology / Computers and Apps


Connecting for Good
Connecting for Good is a nonprofit organization that has been bridging the Digital Divide since 2011 with wireless mesh networks, community technology centers, low cost refurbished PCs and free digital life skills classes.


Equal Access to Software and Information

Belief that students and professionals with disabilities have the same right to access information technology as everyone else.


National Center for Technology Innovation

Assists researchers, developers, and entrepreneurs in creating innovative learning tools for all students, with special focus on students with disabilitites.


Section 508 Guide for Students

An online guide to understand Section 508, which fosters equal access to the Internet and related technologies for all. Section 508 was added to the Workforce Rehabilitation Act in 1998.


Smart Steps, LLC

Smart Steps LLC helps persons with disabilities make decisions in a patent-pending system of supports. The “Smart Steps Mobile” app assists in dealing with everyday problems such as “I’m Lost” or “My Ride is Late” using a step-by-step process.