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Housing Authority Partnerships

Housing Authority of Kansas City Partnership

The Whole Person is a Lead Referral Partner for the allocation of Housing Choice Vouchers. The applications Housing Choice Vouchers are a wonderful option for individuals on fixed incomes to examine. Before signing on to this partnership, I like to make sure that everyone knows three major points about the program:

  • Housing Choice Vouchers are allocated solely at the discretion and capacity of the Housing Authority. The Whole Person has no legal right to allocate these vouchers and cannot make any promise of voucher delivery.
  • Housing Choice Vouchers are not time bound objects. There is no way to guarantee when an individual or family would be issued a voucher.
  • Finally, Housing Choice Vouchers are not a viable solution for emergency housing, nor a safe discharge location from a hospital. If emergency housing is needed, additional community housing resources should be sought.

If you are interested in the potential of applying for a Housing Choice Voucher, please contact us at 816-561-0304, or complete this online form.