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External view of TWP Missouri office building

Our Building

3710 Main Street. Home of The Whole Person.


“Taking an urban 1929 textile factory in the heart of the city and giving it a new purpose is already challenging. But when the building needs to be adapted for use by a nonprofit that works with people with disabilities, not just incorporating Universal Design but exemplifying it in an environmentally responsible way, then the project starts to get interesting.”     - 360 Architecture

When The Whole Person needed an office space, they knew it had to do more than just accommodate people with disabilities; it had to demonstrate the best of what Universal Design has to offer. TWP identified the Goodenow Textiles Company Building at 3710 Main knowing it would accommodate their 99 employees, many of whom have disabilities, but also because they wanted their headquarters to be in the urban core and located along main transit lines. TWP wanted their investment in the building and neighborhood to bolster revitalization efforts and position them in a central area where their efforts for education and support would have the most impact.

Seven Principles of Universal Design

The principles of Universal Design ensure that a space is intentionally created to be accessible to both people with disabilities and those without. The design becomes aesthetically pleasing and usable to the greatest extent possible by everyone regardless of age, ability or status in life.

  1. Equitable Use: useful and marketable to people with diverse abilities
  2. Flexibility in Use: accommodating a wide range of preferences and abilities
  3. Simple & Intuitive Use: easy to understand regardless of user’s experience, knowledge, language skills, or concentration level
  4. Perceptible Information: communicates effectively regardless of ambient conditions or user’s sensory abilities
  5. Tolerance for Error: minimizes hazards and negative outcomes from accidental or unintended actions
  6. Low Physical Effort: efficient and comfortable use with a minimum of fatigue
  7. Size & Space for Approach & Use: appropriate for approach, reach, manipulation, and use regardless of body size, posture or mobility

Download a PDF brochure about our building below.