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Kansas City’s First-Ever Adaptive Sports Competition Announced for June 2024

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** NOTICE: KC Ultimate Games have been canceled for 2024. In light of unforeseen circumstances, we regret to announce the cancellation of this year's KC Ultimate Games. This decision was made after careful consideration and with sincere regret. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who have supported us, including Basehor-Linwood High School, the Basehor Police Department, and our valued sponsors. We appreciate your understanding and continued support during this challenging time. **

Unleash your spirit, conquer the challenge. This summer, The Whole Person (TWP) will be hosting Kansas City’s first-ever KC Ultimate Games. Created for children and adults with disabilities, the KC Ultimate Games allows them to compete against individuals with similar disabilities.  

Over the years, TWP’s Adaptive Sports Program has grown significantly, with both a variety of sports and athletes. The Whole Person is ready to take it to the next level with competitions for everyone.

The inaugural games will be held at Basehor-Linwood High School, 2108 155th St., Basehor, KS 66007, on June 13-16, 2024. Athletes will be competing in the following sports:  


Para Powerlifting

Para powerlifting is a testament to the strength and determination of adaptive athletes worldwide. Tailored for individuals with physical impairments, it showcases raw power and resilience. Athletes compete to lift as much weight as possible in three attempts, emphasizing skill and determination over limitations. 

The Powerlifting Weigh-In will take place on Friday, June 14th, 2024, from 11 am-12 pm followed by the competition from 1-4 pm. This sport is open to all athletes 14 or older, and athletes will be awarded by gender and weight class.  


Adaptive Cycling 5k

From individuals with limb impairments to those with visual impairments, para-cycling accommodates a diverse range of athletes by providing adaptive equipment such as handcycles, tandems, and tricycles. During the KC Ultimate Games, there will be a 5k race performed with the bikes athletes bring that best suit their disability. Paracycling isn't just about racing—it's about breaking barriers, pushing limits, and celebrating the incredible abilities of adaptive athletes.

The Cycling 5k at KC Ultimate Games will begin at 7:45 am on Friday, June 14th, 2024. Race times are subject to change due to the number of competitors. A final schedule will be posted on the website kcultimategames.org and emailed to all competitors a minimum of 24 hours in advance.



Boccia ball is tailored for adaptive athletes, offering a level playing field where strategy trumps physical strength. With soft leather balls, players aim for precision in landing throws closest to the target ball. This game demands mental agility and finesse, fostering camaraderie and resilience among participants, regardless of physical ability.

At the KC Ultimate Games, Boccia will be divided into three categories: individual (competitive), team (exhibition), and pair (exhibition). The games will be split up into 6 divisions based on disability and classification. By including an Open Division, we aim to extend its embrace to players with physical disabilities beyond Boccia Class 1-5, such as non-quad amputees, Cerebral Palsy community ambulators, and those with lower spinal cord injuries, creating a diverse and dynamic playing field.


Creating an Adaptive Sports Community in Kansas City

“Being a part of adaptive sports means being a part of a special community. In which, no matter what disability, you are seen, heard, valued—and more importantly, you can PLAY! It's that competitive spirit in which I think we all thrive. That and through community, we hope to bring that to more and more people,” says Kate, TWP Director of Adaptive Sports Programs.  

“At the end of the day, things are as they are and we have to accept them and make the best of them," said Denzil Burris, TWP Adaptive Athlete. "At the end of the day, the cards that you're dealt are the cards that you're dealt. All we can really do in the situation that we're given in life is make the best of it.”

This year, we were lucky to join Move United as a member of their influential organization. Move United is an organization that uses sports to push what’s possible so everyone, regardless of ability, has equal access to sports and recreation in their community. We are grateful for their support, and we’re ready to continue to push the boundaries of adaptive sports in Kansas City. KC Ultimate Games is just the beginning.


Register to be an athlete or volunteer today!

Are you ready to show the Kansas City community your adaptive abilities? Reserve your spot to compete in the KC Ultimate Games now.

The Whole Person also welcomes volunteers and spectators. Want to help or watch the powerful athletes? Visit kcultimategames.org for more information.