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TWP Legislative Priorities

TWP Legislative Priorities

Legislative updates that impact people with disabilities

The purpose of this page is to share updates about legislation and issues at the City, State and Federal level impacting people with disabilities in the State of Missouri and Kansas. Advocacy is one of the core services we provide to consumers.

Staying informed, engaged and aware of issues affecting people with disabilities is a vital part of supporting independent choice and advocating for positive change in the community. We invite you to provide feedback and participate in upcoming events or opportunities for civic engagement.

Capitol Correspondence

Endorsements, Letters of Support and Thanks, Written Testimony, and more provided by The Whole Person concerning City, State, and Federal bill, laws, and public policies

Legislative Priorities (from TrackBills.com)

Scroll down to see the legislative links under each category. (This information is fed to our site from trackbills.com. There is a large white space after each category that we cannot control)