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Independent Living Skills Overview

Independent Living Skills

The Whole Person offers a broad range of services to individuals with disabilities to increase their ability to perform day-to-day activities and reduce the need of support from family members, professional attendants or other care-giving services. Our services and programs build the confidence of these individuals and improve the many skills they need to live, learn and work in their community.

Independent Living Skills Programs and Services

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  • Employment Services help individuals with disabilities identify ways to improve career skills and opportunities and find permanent, integrated and competitive employment.

  • Personal Attendant Services (Consumer Directed Services in Missouri; Home & Community Based Services in Kansas) help individuals with disabilities to hire and manage personal care attendants to help with daily activities in the home, so they can live independently.

  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services empower Deaf individuals to successfully live an independent lifestyle with education and mentoring to integrate the Deaf and hearing communities and promote socialization.

  • Telecommunication Access Program (TAP) provides free adaptive equipment to help individuals with disabilities access basic home telecommunication services.

  • The Whole Family Project provides sign language instruction to help families better communicate with children who are Deaf, hard of hearing, or nonverbal.

  • Youth Services help children and young people with disabilities to develop skills needed for daily activities. Youth ages 14-21 further benefit from a wide variety of activities to help them transition to greater independence and adulthood.

  • Blindness Low Vision Experience program encourages individuals to enjoy opportunities to achieve greater independence and access to the community through physical and outdoor activities, art and cultural events and other experiences.