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    Home Health Care


Other Services Overview

The Whole Person offers a variety of additional programs outside of our core services:

Deaf Services Training/Workshops - The Whole Person offers the opportunity to learn more about the Deaf community in Kansas City. We provide two training/workshop options for businesses, groups and organizations in the Kansas City Metro Area.

Home Health Care - We are committed to offering experienced, responsive, and quality care in your home located in the following counties:  Jackson, Andrew, Atchison, Buchanan, Caldwell, Clay, Clinton, DeKalb, Holt, Nodaway and Platte.  

Private Pay Medical Transportation - The Whole Person provides private pay, non-emergency, medical transportation to people with disabilities who need a ride to doctors' appointments, dentist appointments, dialysis, physical therapy, etc. 

The Whole Person Catering - The Whole Person Catering (TWPC) is a social enterprise sponsored by The Whole Person; a Missouri Center for Independent Living headquartered in Kansas City MO. We serve a gourmet menu of sandwiches, salads, sides, desserts, catering platters and bowls and *beverages (*catering only). TWPC is staffed by participants in EmployAbilities, a comprehensive employment training program for job seekers living with a developmental disability administered by The Whole Person.