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Deaf & Hard of Hearing Overview

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services

Communication is a basic need of humanity. The Whole Person strives to manage, reduce and break down this barrier to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities.

Deaf Core Services

Information & Referral Services - Providing updated information about services and support, including adaptive equipment, transportation and accessible housing. Referrals to groups and services matching needs related to the Deaf or Hard of Hearing.

Advocacy - Educating Deaf and hearing communities about the right to equal opportunities, education and communication access. Training to learn successful self-direction, along with developing the knowledge and skills for problem solving and goal setting.

Independent Living Skills - Empowering deaf individuals to successfully live an independent lifestyle. Training to manage personal finances, health, family, transportation and education. Mentoring to integrate the Deaf and hearing communities and promote socialization.

Peer Support - Bringing together deaf people from all backgrounds provides an opportunity to share personal experiences and knowledge, in turn inspiring empowerment, motivation and goals. These relationships can result in improved emotional well-being and better management of everyday problems.

Transition Services - Offering resources and support to individuals presently in nursing facilities or at risk of entering facilities. Staff provide options for safe housing and protection from high risk situations, reducing the barriers of communication and service.

Who We Serve

  • Deaf individuals from diverse backgrounds who use American Sign Language
  • Deaf people using varying communication methods, including assistive technology
  • Families and friends of Deaf/Hard of Hearing community
  • Professionals - medical, legal, law enforcement, academic, public and social services
  • All ages, genders, socio-economic groups, ethnicities, sexual orientation
  • Employers looking to promote inclusion

What We Do

  • Provide compassion, understanding and tools needed to assist both the hearing community and the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities to work together successfully.
  • Active listening and a proactive approach to responding to consumers’ needs.
  • Presentations and events to enhance community awareness of Deaf culture.
  • Offer use of video phone and accessible computers.
  • Assistive technology (TAP telephones).

Living Well with a Disability (LWWD) for Deaf/HH

LWWD for Deaf/HH is an 11-week health promotion and wellness workshop, designed specifically for people who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing. The workshop is held at various times throughout the year.

It can help you discover:

  1. How your lifestyle affects your disability
  2. How your meaningful life goals can help you develop healthy living habits
  3. How healthy living habits can create new possibilities

The Whole Family Project

Through individualized instruction in sign language, The Whole Family Project (TWF) seeks to increase the ability of families to communicate with their children, ages birth to 12, who are deaf or nonverbal, while increasing their knowledge and understanding of deafness, the Deaf community and available options. The Whole Family Project provides each family with their own qualified tutor who tailors lessons to meet the unique communication needs of each family. Tutors may be interpreters, family members of a deaf individual, or deaf themselves.

To learn more, visit The Whole Family Project page on our website.

Contact for more information:

Deaf/HH Services - Clark Corogenes; ccorogenes@thewholeperson.org; Video Phone 816-527-8334 or Micki Keck; mkeck@thewholeperson.org; Video Phone 913-227-4298

The Whole Family Project - Micki Keck; mkeck@thewholeperson.org; Video Phone 913-227-4298.