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Brightly colored feather design on wall for background art

2021 Expressions Artists

Stone Addams

Stone Addams

"Union Station"

Stone Addams
Kansas City, MO

I found direction when I took a Deaf Culture class and learned about Nancy Rourke and her powerful resistance art. It was then that I knew I needed to embrace my disability in both my art and my life rather than try to hide it. I am autistic and live in a world not made for me; it is overwhelming, confusing, and cruel.

Every piece I create has meaning, be it symbolic of battling the oppression and hatred I have faced or designed to bring me a feeling of peace in a chaotic world. I utilize my computer to create 3D prints to assist me in my ceramics and print 3D sculptures that I would otherwise find impractical in another medium.

As an autistic person I often find myself ignored, pushed aside, or attacked for subtle behaviors that are harmless but do not conform to what is expected; as a result my opportunities to interact and meet others is limited. My autism has left me particularly vulnerable to those who target people who are a bit “different.” I have been screamed at, threatened, and called nasty names walking to a friend’s apartment, to the point that even being on the phone with 911 didn’t dissuade the onslaught of abuse. Because of the abuse I have suffered, leaving my house has become an incredibly difficult task. I rarely go out alone and rely on my partner or friends to help be a buffer between me and people who may be a threat.

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