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Brightly colored feather design on wall for background art

2021 Expressions Artists

Sara Unrein

Sara Unrein


Sara Unrein
Grain Valley, MO

I have autism, and it makes it hard for me to communicate with other people. Through art, I am able to express myself easily. Spoken and written communication is very hard. I’ve been through years of speech therapy and received help from paraprofessionals to help me get through traditional classes. However, art is natural for me. It is my hope to continue to study art and pursue a career in the arts. I am driven to use art to help others in the future.

For this project, I asked friends to submit photographs of a chosen expression for me to interpret. Using oils on canvas, this series encouraged me to focus on the details I struggle with on a day-to-day basis.

I appreciate the opportunity to have my work reviewed as a learning experience. It is an honor to have my work displayed with other artists, giving me an opportunity to learn from their works as well. 

For purchase information, visit www.saraunrein.art