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Brightly colored feather design on wall for background art

2021 Expressions Artists

Dell Inskeep

Dell Inskeep

"Lady Mending"

Dell Inskeep
Kansas City, MO

I am a professional artist in Kansas City, Excelsior, Liberty, and North Kansas City where I reside. I am fascinated in using color; vibrant and subdued. I try to utilize the colors into my art theme. I also get inspired by my Art League friends. Currently I am in an art show at the Gladstone Community Center. I work in acrylics. It seems to be the best approach and medium for me. Recently I tried to be more impressionistic and my art is a little abstract, yet realistic.

I feel I am talented and blessed to be an artist. I would like to get my art out there in art shows and contests. It just makes me feel important that I can have a disability and be able to use my talents and get rewarded, money-wise or through accreditation, which is important.

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