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Brightly colored feather design on wall for background art

2021 Expressions Artists

Kim Raine Johnson

Kim Raine Johnson

"Black Sunset"

Kim Raine Johnson
Raytown, MO

I am a self-taught artist from Kansas City. My style is free-spirited and easy going. Pulling from my Native American and African ancestors, I love the use of vivid colors and intricately designed interwoven patterns found in art from both cultures. Prior to painting I spent time working with ceramics. My ceramic work included home decor and figurines; the painting of these items was the most enjoyable part of my ceramic experience and also played a major role in my decision to paint again. I love learning and trying new techniques and evolving in my work. In 2019 I added acrylic pour designs. My desire is to continue to grow as an artist.

Chronic illness consists of invisible diseases. It’s difficult to get out of bed some days. As an artist, it’s challenging to stand or even hold my brushes. The opportunity to show my work, help break down the barriers, and encourage other individuals with disabilities to shine is an ultimate life goal. Anything is possible and disabilities don’t have to be your downfall!

Namaste Raine

For purchase information, contact artsyraine@gmail.com or visit Raine-Art.com