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Brightly colored feather design on wall for background art

2021 Expressions Artists

Lynndanna Stematz

Lynndanna Stematz

"Reclaimed 1030s School"

Lynndanna Stematz
Kansas City, MO

I like to take my supplies out into Nature and paint what I am seeing. I sometimes search for a long time before finding a place that I want to paint. When that isn’t possible, I paint off of photos that I have taken. Colors are always really intense for me. I see multiple types of greens, blues and reds inside black shadows. While I am painting, I feel centered. I am not flashing back into the past or worrying about the future. I am just right there, fully in the moment.

I know I see the world differently than others. Creating art feels like forging a bond between myself and the people who view it. For a little bit, they can see what I see and are somewhat inside my world.

Being a part of the older LGBT+ community, Native American, female, and poor, I am used to feeling invisible and like I don’t belong anywhere. I make art so others can see me. I hope other LGBT+ people will see my art and be inspired to create art that nurtures their mental health and allows them to be seen.

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