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Brightly colored feather design on wall for background art

2020 Expressions Artists

April Marie Mai

April Marie Mai

April Marie Mai
Overland Park, KS

My work utilizes bright colors, simple patterns, and textures to explore the collective human unconscious abstractly. I then use the results of my purely abstract pieces to create other works that address difficult and taboo topics. Painting and fiber are used in much of my work, along with a variety of other media. The hand is always visible; it provides grounding and breathes life. Variation and accidents enthrall me, and I eschew rigid uniformity in all aspects of my work. My purely abstract works are playful and colorful and are an instinctual exploration of the reaction’s humans have to color and pattern. I break things down into the simplest pieces and play with the different ways they can be recombined, seeking to understand my own basic responses to visual stimuli, and thus something of humanity.

Because of my disability, I am currently unable to work. I am working towards making art a job that can support me and allow me to make a living.