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2020 Expressions Overview

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The 10th Annual Expressions Art Exhibition opening reception was held on March 6, 2020, from 6-10pm at Rochester Brewing & Roasting Company, 2129 Washington St., Kansas City, MO.

The exhibition was on display at multiple venues through February 2021. Those venues were: March 6 - Early May 2020, Rochester Brewing and Roasting Company; Early May - Early June 2020, Mid-Continent Public Library-Woodneath Library Center; Early June - Late July 2020, Mid-Continent Public Library-North Independence; Early August - October 2020, Thornhill Gallery at Avila University; November - December 2020, The Smalter Gallery; January - February 2021, InterUrban ArtHouse.

2020 Expressions Featured Artists

The following artists were selected by the selection committee to appear in the 2020 exhibition: Dr. Donna Agnew, Margarita Aguilar, Jasmine Ali, Mist Ballew, Matthew Breedlove, Margaret Welch Crow, Luna (Aquilla) Elfindale, Samantha Goad, Leslie Norman Hubble, Elise Huther, Kelly Johnson, Kim Johnson, Nick Lopez, April Marie Mai, Sylvia D. Mooney, Josephine Termini and Sandra Vukas.

The 2020 Expressions Committee: Poppy Di Candeloro - Chairperson, John Campbell, CJ Charbonneau, Meghan Dohogne, Kathryne Grimm, Lea Klepees, Ashley Lindeman, Linda Link, Heather Lustfeldt, Emily Stahl, Alexej Savreux, Audrey Seider, and Madison Wellman.


Download the Traveling Exhibition Booklet HERE.

2020/2021 Grant Funders, Supporters and Sponsors