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Brightly colored feather design on wall for background art

2020 Expressions Artists

Jasmine Ali

Jasmine Ali

Jasmine Ali
Kansas City, MO

My name is Jasmine Ali. I received my graphic design degree from Missouri Western State University. From there I’ve pursued my art career. When I was younger, I had a stroke and developed a speech disability, and with the disability I feel people seem to doubt me. This pushes me to be the best at my Craft. I aim for all my art to empower. I want people to feel emotion when they look at my art. I feel that with my impairment, I haven’t fully mastered the intricacies that come along with communicating feelings through speech and writing. But where I lack in speech and in writing, I feel confident that I make up for it in my art. Art has become my window of communication. So with that, I let my art speak for me.

Being in Expressions will bring more doors for me. Give me a chance to show my work.