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Brightly colored feather design on wall for background art

2020 Expressions Artists

Josephine Termini

Josephine Termini

Josephine Termini
Kansas City, MO

I was born in the Northland of Kansas City Missouri. I still reside in the same area. I became interested in art at an early age and found my passion and talent in working with pastels when I entered high school. My art teacher praised my linework and shading, stating he had not seen such talent come from a student. Back in 1996 during my high school years, I won various awards for different pieces. In my senior year, I won the Artist of the Year. I’ve always made brightly colored crazy wacky artwork, but they flow in a unique design that people just can’t stop staring at. I have multiple influences, my son being one of them. My son is my inspiration and influence on recent works. I love pastels and the way they flow off my fingertips, I’ve used other mediums, but they do not compare to the pastels that I fell in love with at a young age. In 2019 I was intrigued to try out digital art, and I ended up loving it. I see art in everything, and a lot of my art pieces are beautiful mistakes.

Participating in Expressions will get my art out and show more people what I can do. It’ll show people no matter what disability you have, you can still do whatever you desire in life. It warms my heart that this organization is giving the artists with disabilities a chance to shine and thrive as an artist.