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Brightly colored feather design on wall for background art

2020 Expressions Artists

Samantha Goad

Samantha Goad

Samantha Goad
Olathe, KS

My artwork is a display of my personal experiences that explore the relationship between adversity and strength. When I create art, I am not always thinking ­-- but feeling. I pour my pain and emotions into my artwork. I am currently focusing on watercolor paint and Prismacolor pen on paper. I utilize both a wet-on-wet and wet-on-dry technique. I finish by writing in Prismacolor pen to communicate the importance behind the work. My artwork helps me find my voice, my strength, and significance of my hardships. As an adult with a disability, I have found people often can’t see past the “dis” in disabled. I am continually discriminated against, stereotyped, and looked down upon as a college educated, successful adult due to the world’s stigmas and lack of knowledge. I create artwork to spread awareness and help others find strength in the adversity they endure.

Participating in Expressions will allow me to advocate for those with disabilities and spread awareness about disability discrimination to a larger audience. I have recently been significantly discriminated against by my employers. Creating this artwork has helped me get through this discrimination and helped me feel empowered rather than demoralized. I want others who are or have been in my position to know they are not alone and can fight through the adversity. I want to educate others and my art being displayed in Expressions would help me achieve this. I believe participating in an exhibition will also further my career as an artist.