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Time to Spare - Accessible Bowling

red bowling ball knocking down 6 bowling pins with words time to spare

The Whole Person hosted another bowling event on Wednesday, June 21st, this time at KC Bowl. Previously, we used to go to Ward Parkway Lanes, but unfortunately, it lacked accessibility. At Ward Parkway Lanes, there were two small groups of steps leading to the bowling platform, posing a tripping hazard for our consumers. Additionally, the venue was inadequately lit, making it difficult for some consumers to navigate. Moreover, individuals using wheelchairs and walkers faced challenges accessing the small-sized bathroom.

After thorough research on various bowling alleys, we opted for KC Bowl and held our first event there on June 21st. Unlike our previous venue, KC Bowl offers several advantages. Firstly, everything in this bowling alley is situated on a single level, eliminating any barriers for our consumers. Secondly, the venue is well lit, ensuring better visibility for all attendees. Lastly, the bathroom is more spacious and significantly more accessible for individuals using wheelchairs and walkers.

The decision to change the location proved to be a resounding success. At Ward Parkway Lanes, we typically had a maximum of six bowlers, but at KC Bowl, we had an impressive turnout of twelve participants! This increase in attendance demonstrates the positive impact of the location change, and we are thrilled to have doubled our number of bowlers.

"Time to Spare" Accessible Bowling, meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at KC Bowl, 8201 State Ave., Kansas City, KS 66112, from Noon to 2:00pm. People with disabilities are invited to join TWP for an afternoon of bowling!  Bring yourself!  TWP pays all bowling costs.

Contact Meghan, TWP's Blind Low Vision Specialist, if you have any questions, or would like to join us at our next bowling event!  Email her at mschmidt@thewholeperson.org.  Join The Whole Person's Blind Low Vision Facebook Group to connect with other peers, and get information on upcoming events.