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Brightly colored feather design on wall for background art

2022 Expressions Artists

Leslie Norman Hubble

Leslie Norman Hubble

"Mask Requirements Lifted"
Created 2021; Painting, 11 x 13 inches;  "I was concerned when mask requirements were lifted this year. Now they have been further lifted, although COVID cases are surging. Decision making is difficult when based on the unknown or incomplete, as is the case in predicting the trajectory of COVID’s variants. However, this latest decision strongly indicates that economic and political ramifications preceded consideration for human safety. I drew two bewildered, frustrated people wearing closely fitting masks. I scanned the drawing, colored, and further manipulated it digitally." - L.N. Hubble

Leslie Norman Hubble

Kansas City, MO

Artist Statement:
My pieces focus on the struggle to be human - specifically a disabled human - and to reconcile the inner and outer self. I am obsessed with beauty based on distressing matter and let art interpret disorder and overload. I try to emphasize color, texture, and information. I construct and manipulate images and information from the physical, mental, digital, medical, and cultural realms and let art reveal a truth and beauty. I draw, paint, work in collage, and practice digital art and photo manipulation. In my work I often incorporate detritus, such as x-rays, medical imaging, electronic parts, graphs, bar codes, dolls. I want to confront the frightening and create less conventional ways of viewing the body, mind, spirit, and modern culture

How will participating impact you as an artist with a disability?
Thank you for choosing me to be part of Expressions 2020. It impacted me tremendously. Expressions 2021 will expand that impact. I am driven and dedicated to make art, but my disabilities had limited this pursuit. Expressions accommodates the needs of the artist with disabilities and promotes skills to be more independent. My disabilities challenge my ability to pursue many venues and install my art. Having art exhibited for two months at six different galleries a tremendous gift. I attain greater exposure locally and on social media and learn new and better networking skills. Expressions’ classes conducted by professional artists teach me new skills, technically and in marketing. Sharing the grant experience and having my art exhibited alongside the works of other artists with disabilities is extremely rewarding. I do not feel alone or discriminated against – but respected and part of a gifted family. Expressions has enhanced my goal of financially supporting myself through my art. Also, any honorarium provided by Expressions will significantly help my financial situation. 

Purchase information:  lnhubble1957@gmail.com or visit leslienormanhubble.com

Years exhibited in Expressions: 2020, 2021, 2022