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Brightly colored feather design on wall for background art

2021 Expressions Artists

Jasmine Ali

Jasmine Ali


Jasmine Ali
Kansas City, MO

I create my pieces that express her passions, thoughts, and views on the world. My work allows myself to be heard in ways she never thought was possible. Speaking with my words is hard for me, so I express myself within the art. The “Picture Perfect” piece shows you three different people who aren’t perfect, but they are because they are who they are within.

The “Distance” piece brings back the 2020 year with the virus. It shows that a young man is indoors, distancing himself from the madness of the world. He wants to go out and be with people but he knows that he has to keep a distance from everyone and the world.

Being in the Expressions exhibition will bring me more confidence in myself and with my art.

For purchase information, contact artofjasmineali@gmail.com, visit artofjasmineali.com or on Instagram: artofjasmineali