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Brightly colored feather design on wall for background art

2021 Expressions Artists

Taj Moses

Taj Moses

"Tired of Asking if We Matter to You"

Taj Moses
Overland Park, KS

I primarily work in digital drawing and painting. My primary goals with art are fun, thoughtfulness, and understanding. What I mean is, I want to make people feel happy and give them that sense of excitement and “Oh it’s so cute!” that they get when they see a cute baby animal or a beautiful article of clothing that they then have to take home. I want to be able to do this while also sometimes invoking thoughts on subjects of gender, race, and/or sexuality. Presenting things in a way that’s fun and easy to look at and understand is my way of offering a chance for people to experience thoughts that they might otherwise avoid or for which they have no context. While making art in the way that I do, I get a chance to see how people perceive certain things, or how they perceive me and/or the characters and subjects I create around. As an autistic person, I’m very interested in people and the way they live their lives and present themselves, and how they see others as well. I understand that it is often very different than my own perception, and that is fascinating to me.

As an artist with a disability, I have some difficulty finding and entering into art-related events like this one. There is a lot of complicated paperwork that I don't always understand, there is a lot of talking to people, and going places, and sometimes I am just not able to do all the things required, were I to enter other events. Entering into Expressions specifically, I know that there will be people to help me if I need it, because The Whole Person specializes in disability. I know that I won't be singled out. And I still get to participate in something like this, where I otherwise would not. I get the chance to show my work to people who would never see it, as well. And that's important for me because I want to be known locally so that maybe I can get art gigs or have commissions for my work.

For purchase information, contact Tapiocahghost@gmail.com or visit tajmosesart.wixsite.com/tapiocahghostart