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2019 Expressions Artist Statements

Alexej Savreux

Alexej Savreux

Alexej Savreux
Mission, KS

My poetry is concerned with ideas, experiences, and thematic elements as opposed to other artists. I probably fall into the postmodernist category, but I don’t see in terms of “categories” or “labels”. I mix archaic language juxtaposed against current linguistic trends to create a sense of urgency and percussion, but also utilize sparsity to emphasize poetic particulars. As for inspiration, I feel that I can make ONE unassailable comment about human nature. My unshakable belief is that the innate human nature is “love”. Without love there would be no romance, no children, no blooming flowers, the universe wouldn’t be hospitable to life, we wouldn’t have celebrations, rituals, parties, greetings, handshakes, high fives, protective instincts, providing instincts, or the capacity to feel emotion or the ability to “feel” a smile. Everything, no matter how bleak life may seem is reducible to unconditional love. Nothing is as healing as human affection.