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2019 Expressions Artist Statements

Kathleen Atkinson

Kathleen Atkinson

Kathleen Atkinson
Kansas City, KS

Years ago I read the following by an unknown author, “Anyone can be an artist. It just takes the desire not to get up early in the morning.” The truth is creating takes time, that is the luxury of time. It was the onset of my disability that restricted by abilities to participate in previous activities such as sports and employment thereby allowing me the luxury of time. My caregiver recognized my need to escape my body’s pain through creating art. I survived the periods of intense pain by creating and continually adapting how.

Currently, I have reduced my paintings to a 1’’ x 1’’ format. I have replaced the paintbrush with daubers which fit on the end of my fingers. I have found that by using inks the inks do the majority of the work. The flow and blending creates serendipitous and brilliant forms and colors.

Remember the quote I started with “Anyone can be an artist. It just takes the desire not to wake up early in the morning.” In an ironic twist it is my desire to create my art that motivates me to awaken early each morning.