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2019 Expressions Artist Statements

Tristan Sherman

Tristan Sherman

Tristan Sherman 
Leawood, KS

Since I was small, I have had great difficulty and severe social anxiety interacting with other people. I found early on that I could gain a much deeper intimacy with the world many times through art. Drawing and painting have been, in my adult life, a way to offer loving-kindness and/or insight into others, especially those who may feel vulnerable being “seen.”

I am in awe of this world, and the preciousness of this life, but am often overwhelmed by sensory input, so I originally bought myself a digital camera to capture little moments. I have found this the best way to gather fodder for my drawing, pastels and acrylic works, as well as ink and watercolors. These items are a small sample of my fascination with life, which I believe to be meaningless without intimacy of relationship, not only with other human beings, but with our Creator.